Updated September 24 2020

 The start of fall brings with it the beginning of the best tasting pear varieties. First in line is the sweet and crunchy bosc pear, an old time favorite. This description from usapears.org captures it beautifully : Their long, curved stem and elegant elongated neck that widens gradually to a full rounded base creates a silhouette that is unique among pears. Bosc are also unique for their color: a warm cinnamon brown with russeting over the surface of the skin. Russeting is a natural appearance for Bosc. The russeting may cover the entire surface of the pear or it may just be seen over a small portion of the skin. In either case, the quality of the fruit is not affected. In fact, many artists feature the russeted Bosc pear in their paintings, drawings, and photography because of the natural beauty it imparts.
   Also new this week are Reed Avocados. Large, round, tasty and rich in avocado oil, this premium late season avocado is typically at least twice as big as Hass. Another benefit of it is that it stays green on the inside much longer after being cut open.
   Lastly, we will have the first figs of the season as well. Although they are few, they are quite sweet and tasty.
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Hope everyone is safe and healthy.
See you Sunday.
    Here is the complete list for the week:

Naturally Grown (No chemical pesticides or fertilizers ever)

Hass                                                              $1.50 each   
Reed                                                              $3.00 each 

Vegetables and Herbs:
Broccolini                                                          $2 / bunch
Red Cabbage (small)  1-2 lb                            $2 /head
Chard                                                                $3 / bag
Chayote.                                                           $3 / Basket
Collard Greens                                                 $3 / bag
Kale                                                                    $3 / bag
Nasturtium flowers.                                       $2 / basket
Onions                                                               $3 / bunch
Peppers-Golden Bell                                       $3 / 1 lb
Peppers-Green Bell                                           $2 / 1 lb
Peppers-Rocoto                                                $2 / Basket
Poblano Peppers                                              $3 / 1 lb
Salad Mix                                                           $3 / bag
Summer Squash                                               $3 / 2 lb bag
Sunchokes                                                         $3 / Basket
Tomatoes- Big Beef                                          $5 / 2 lb bag
Tomatoes- Cherokee Purple                           $3 / 1 lb
Tomatoes- Early Girl Dry Farmed                   $5 / 1 lb bag
Tomatoes- Mixed                                               $5 / 2 lb bag

Fresh Herbs:
Makrut (Kaffir) Lime Leaves                              $3 / bag

Aloe                                                                   $5 /  1/2 lb

Fresh Fruit
Apples - Mixed                                                $4 / 2 lb bag
Figs                                                                   $5 / Basket
Grapefruits                                                      $1.50  each 
Eureka Lemons                                               $1 / basket
Pears -Bosc                                                       $5 / 2 lb bag
Dried Fruit and Herbs
Hoshigake (Dried persimmons).                   $4 / bag.  - 1/4 lb

Baked goods made with organic ingredients:

Whole Wheat Bread                  $5 / loaf
and Onion rolls                          $1.00 each
- Made from freshly ground organic whole wheat 

Flat bread                                   $4 / bag
- Gluten free, vegan, made from organic soaked grains
Granola Bites.                            $4 / bag
Savory Bites                               $4 / bag 


About Us:

Our  family farm is at the end of a private country road surrounded by diverse habitats of chaparral, oak woodland, redwoods and riparian zones.  We use natural farming methods to feed ourselves and provide a local source for people wanting fresh, high quality and perhaps unusual avocados. We never use chemical or synthetic fertilizers or pesticides of any kind, nor grow any GMO crops.

This is a small, non-mechanized avocado orchard and homestead overlooking the Pajaro Valley and Monterey Bay in beautiful Corralitos, CA. The avocado orchard contains close to 150 avocado trees including many non-commercially available varieties.  Mixed fruit trees and a large vegetable garden provide most of our produce. Have a look at the Gallery to enjoy some views of Bobcat Ridge.

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