Naturally Grown

    All of our fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This has been true since our beginning on this property in 1992.

Our naturally grown fruits, vegetables and baked goods are available every

Sunday from 11:00 - 3:00 

Corralitos Farm and Garden Market

127 Hames Road, Corralitos, CA

If you wish to insure availability, you can preorder by clicking the "Shop" button at the top of this page. Preorders can be picked up at the market on Sunday

Updated September 2, 2022

Welcome to This Week's Harvest,
    Large, crunchy and tasty, Mutsu is the new apple of the week. Other fruits this week include Washington Navel oranges which have gotten quite sweet and juicy at this point, Indio mandarinquats and Meyer and Eureka lemons
     Lots and lots of tomatoes. If any of you are into canning, let me know and we could discuss trading a quantity of tomatoes for a portion of the finished product.
    The complete list for this week is below. Items marked with an asterisk* will be available by advance request or preorder.
     Free home delivery to local residents is also available every Thursday.
     Hope to see you on Sunday,


     Thanks for supporting Local And Naturally Grown. No chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers have ever been used on this farm since its start in 1992. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. 
     Corralitos Farm and Garden Market
         127 Hames Road, Corralitos.   
      This and every Sunday 11:00 -3:00

Advance ordering can be done at    https://www.bobcatridgeavocados.com/

Naturally Grown (No chemical pesticides or fertilizers ever)       
Vegetables, Mushrooms:       
Avocado - Hass                                    $1.50 
Avocado - Lamb Hass                          $2.00
Broccolini                                             $2 /  bunch
Broccoli florets                                      $2 /  bag
Chard                                                   $3 / bag
Garlic                                                   $3 /  basket
Kale                                                     $3 / bag
Large Bell Peppers                             $1 each
Jalapeño Peppers                               $2 / basket
Poblano Peppers                                $3 /  bag
Shiitake Mushrooms                           $5 -10 /bag
Onions                                                $3/  bag
Salad Mix                                            $3 /  bag
Tomatoes-Big Beef                             $5 / bag 2lb+
Tomatoes-SunGold                             $3 /  basket
Tomatoes-Early Girl                             $5 / bag 2lb+
Zucchini                                               $3 / bag
Fresh Herbs:
Aloe Vera*                                            $5 /  1/2 lb
Makrut (Thai)  Lime Leaves                 $2 / bag
Mint                                                      $2/  bunch

Fresh Fruit
Mutsu Apples                                        $5/ Bag  2.5 lbs.
Eureka Lemons                                      $1 / two 
Meyer Lemons                                      $1 / two 
Oranges-Washington Navel                  $4/ bag-2/lb+
Indio Mandarinquats                             $3/ bag-1/lb

Dried Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables
Mugwort                                                 $4/bag         
                                                   $20/Jumbo bag
Kale Chips                                              $4 / bag

Baked goods made with organic ingredients:
Gluten Free Vegan Flatbread                  $4 / bag
Granola Bites                                          $4 / bag
NutriBites                                                 $4 / bag
Whole Wheat Bread                                $5 / loaf
Onion rolls                                               $1.00 each
      - Made from freshly ground organic whole wheat 

Books and more:   
Blue Belly Design: Native Plant Stickers                                           $4/sheet
My mother's  memoir:
My American Dream: From the Ashes of the Great Depression        $10                                         
Market Gift Cards                                  $25  or ......


About Us:

Our  family farm is at the end of a private country road surrounded by diverse habitats of chaparral, oak woodland, redwoods and riparian zones.  We use natural farming methods to feed ourselves and provide a local source for people wanting fresh, high quality and perhaps unusual avocados. We never use chemical or synthetic fertilizers or pesticides of any kind, nor grow any GMO crops.

This is a small, non-mechanized avocado orchard and homestead overlooking the Pajaro Valley and Monterey Bay in beautiful Corralitos, CA. The avocado orchard contains close to 150 avocado trees including many non-commercially available varieties.  Mixed fruit trees and a large vegetable garden provide most of our produce. Have a look at the Gallery to enjoy some views of Bobcat Ridge.