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The Most Underrated Fruit in the World

Ever wonder what the most underrated fruit in

in the world is? In my view it is the Hachiya Persimmon. Every time someone approaches the table, points out the hachiya and says,"Oh yeah, those are the kind you cook with", I cringe. Others will describe it with blatant contempt. It pains me to see so many food

lovers missing out on a fruit with such a unique and delicious flavor. When fully ripe it has a sensuous quality, not only in appearance but also in its smooth, silky texture as it glides across your tongue. Its flavor is even better. While words can never quite capture it, I think it is best described as a combination of a mango and an apricot.

So what is the deal with all the persimmon haters? I think they have just never tasted a ripe one. This is understandable because if you take a bite of one when it feels like a ripe peach, it will suck all the moisture out of your mouth, pull your cheeks and tongue into a tight pucker and impart your mouth with an ear waxlike bitterness.

How to know when a persimmon is ripe? A fully ripened Hachiya persimmon will show a newly translucent appearance in its slightly dulled orange skin. A second indicator is softness. It should feel almost like a water balloon. Finally, if you grasp the stem of a ripe persimmon and pull on it, it will pop right out with very little fruit attached.

That completes this week's editorial. (See best persimmon dessert recipes below).

Here is a nice blog post on this topic from a professional food writer:

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